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Door Repairdoor lock, broken door

Door problems can be very frustrating. A slamming door can drive everyone crazy and greatly increase the chance for a lawsuit from the door hitting someone moving through it. Doors that do not latch cause great security issues. When an opening does not function at its best, it causes many problems. We at Betach LLC are experts at door repair, making your opening work just as it is supposed to. When you consider how to repair a door opening, you need to consider the walls, the closer, the latches, the lock, the hinges, and much more. We know how to accurately diagnose the problem and then expertly repair it.

Door Repair ServicesDoor, install, door repair, complete

  • Weather stripping repair and replacement
  • Hinge repair and replacement
  • Closer repair and replacement
  • Exit hardware (crash bar) repair and replacement
  • Door lock repair and replacement
  • Secondary lock repair and replacement.
  • Fire door servicing
  • Storefront door repair
  • Storefront door installation
  • Door frame repairExit device, crash bar, door repair









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