What’s a locksmith got to do with it? Part 3

Commercial Locksmithing

So what IS a Commercial locksmith?

This is the third post in our 3-Part series, “What’s a locksmith go to do with it?” In Part 1, we focused on what a locksmith is NOT. In Part 2, we focused on what a locksmith can do for you as a Residential customer. Today, in Part 3, we are going to focus on what a Commercial Locksmith IS.

Again, there is a lot of overlap in what a locksmith can do for you as a commercial customer and as a residential customer, so we hope that will you read both this Part 3 blog post, as well as our Part 1 and Part 2 posts.

Commercial customers have a number of different needs to be concerned with. In addition to the need to protect their property, they also have to worry a lot more about liability issues that can result from poorly operating doors and compliance issues, and the safety and security of a lot more people (with both employees and customers). We are going to discuss some of the ways that your Security Professional can help you.

Policies & Procedures:

Locksmiths are experts at knowing how to help your business develop policies and procedures to keep you safe. It can be very difficult to know what you should do to safeguard your business or organization. We can advise you on the best ways to keep your facilities and personnel safe and secure.

Key Systems:

Locksmiths can build key systems that serve you exceptionally. We can build a key system for your business that will provide you with a single key for your doors, padlocks, outbuilding, and even your file cabinets. If you have other people needing access to your business (i.e. maintenance personnel, janitorial staff, tenants, etc.), we can create a system that will allow keys to work in some locks but not all. We specialize in making your locking environment very easy to use. (And we can do this for your residence, as well–if you have caregivers or other household staff needing access to certain parts of your house.)

Access control can help you secure your business. We can help you know who has accessed your buildings, and when they did it.

Access Control Systems:

Security professionals are experts at building access control systems that will work for a long time. From a single door system to an enterprise level system, we can match you with the right product to lessen the number of keys that you need to issue and to provide seamless and secure use of your facility. We can implement access control with badges, codes, biometrics, or keys. We can set up anti-passback (to keep multiple people from using a single badge) and man traps (to allow only one person through at a time.) We will work with you to find the best solution for you.

Storefront Door Service and Repair:

Storefront doors come with their own set of problems and challenges. They can be very difficult to figure out and service. Your locksmith knows how to install, service, and maintain all of the systems that make your storefront door work. So stop letting your door smack your customers in the backside, and give us a call.

Store front doors have many unique features. We can help you have yours look great, and function perfectly.

Crash bars, door stops, and everything in between:

There are many unique pieces of hardware that make your business secure and functional. Your locksmith is trained to make all of them work well. We can adjust a pivot, install a sweep, bring a latch into compliance, and much more. If you don’t know what those words mean, don’t worry, we do, and we will happily show you what is broken and how we are going to fix it.

Code Compliance is hard, we can help. Commercial Locksmith

Code Compliance:

Your Commercial Locksmith is an expert when it comes to knowing and understanding the many different codes and how they apply to you. We stay up to date on the various codes that pertain to your home and business. Whether it is your home, rental property, or business, we know how to apply the relevant codes to keep you in compliance and doing what you do without a hitch. We stay up to date on international building code, fire code, life safety code, and ADA code so that you can keep doing what you do best, without worrying about compliance issues.

Security Solutions for Business:

Most locksmiths today know how to guide you to solutions that protect your business. Your commercial locksmith knows about mass notification systems (to alert all of your people very quickly about an emergency) and visitor management systems (to ensure that the people who are in your building/campus are supposed to be there). We know how to integrate these systems into your business or organization. We can advise you in best practice in implementing the policies and procedures to protect your business/organization.

Security cameras can help protect your buisness

Security Camera Systems:

Security cameras can be a great addition to any business/organization’s security plan. But which ones do you need? How many? Looking at what? Your Commercial locksmith can assist you with all of these questions. From setting up a few cameras to monitor the productivity of your employees, to completely covering your facility for safety or liability purposes, we can specify, set up, and manage the system for you.


The things in this list about Commercial Locksmith services and those in the list of locksmith services for the residential customers is far from a complete list of the Security Services that a locksmith can provide for you. However, I hope that these posts have begun to give you an understanding of the large scope of what your locksmith can do. A locksmith today is so much more than just someone who can duplicate your key or break into your home or vehicle for you.

Betach LLC is here to provide you with the services of a Security Professional. We provide All of the security services listed in our two posts about what a locksmith IS, and More. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any security concerns that you have for your home, business, or organization. With all of the changes in our world today, a locksmith is a complete Security Specialist.

We at Betach LLC look forward to being YOUR Security Professional.


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What’s a locksmith got to do with it? Part 2

So what IS a residential locksmith?

Back in Part 1, we talked about the many things that locksmiths are NOT. In Parts 2 and 3, we are going to focus on what a locksmith IS. Locksmiths are YOUR security service specialists. In this article we are going to focus on the residential locksmith.

There is a lot of overlap in what a locksmith can do for you as a residential customer and in what a locksmith can do for you as a commercial customer. We hope that will you read both this Part 2 blog post, as well as our Part 3 post that is still to come, so that you will have a good understanding of what a locksmith DOES do.

In this post, we will focus more on what a locksmith IS for our residential customers.

Keys and Locks:

Whether residential locksmith or commercial locksmith, we are experts with keys and locks. As an illustration, go grab a piece of copy paper. Just humor me for a minute. While you’re there, go ahead and get three sheets. I’ll wait… Okay, hold one sheet in your hand. Feel how thin it is? That is about the tolerance that we have to work with inside a lock. Now put all three sheets together. That is about the amount of change in size that locksmiths deal with when making keys. When we make locks or keys for you, we have to be very specific and exact. We have to be incredibly accurate. There is no room for error when making these devices. This is what we love about our work! We get to work with our hands and be very detailed in the process.

Desk Lock repair
Desk Lock Repair

Door Hardware:

Residential Locksmiths are experts at understanding all of the many different pieces of hardware that affect the use of a door opening. From door hardware (privacy, entry, storeroom, lever, code compliance, etc.), hinges (3.5 in, 4 in, 4.5 in, ball bearing, non-removable pin, standard), door closers (top jamb, parallel arm, regular arm, right hand, right hand reverse, left hand, left hand reverse, hold open, closing speed, etc.), door lights (the windows in the door), and MUCH more. We know how to put the right hardware on the right door to make the opening function in the right way to keep you safe and secure.

Marketplace Products:

Locksmiths are experts at knowing how to take the existing products in the marketplace and use them to accomplish your needs and desires. The marketplace for security products is always changing. Even as a security professional, it can be difficult to know how to properly apply all of the options that are in the marketplace. Your residential locksmith can help you to navigate all of the choices available in order to settle on the best option for you.

Door Problems:

Door Lock Damage, broken lock, residential locksmith

Locksmiths don’t only know about locks. They are also experts at knowing how to diagnose and repair problems with your residential doors. Whether the door is in your home or business, we can diagnose the reason why it does not close or latch, and then we can fix it! We deal with a whole lot more than just the lock, we can make the entire door opening work without a hitch.


Protecting Investments:

Locksmiths can help you learn how to protect your investments. We know how to utilize and service safes to protect your things. Your residential locksmith can guide you through choosing the type of safe that will accomplish the exact things that you are trying to do and can also assist you with digital inventory systems that will benefit you in the event of a loss due to theft or disaster. We can help you develop security best practices that will guide you through both preventing loss and helping to mitigate the impact if losses do occur.

Security Cameras, CCTV, Network Video
Security cameras

Camera Systems:

Many locksmiths, being security professionals, are also experts at camera systems. Whether the camera system is digital or analog, closed circuit or network based, varifocal or fixed, we can guide you through the massive variety of options that are available to you. We can then expertly install the camera systems to accomplish your goals.


Your residential locksmith knows how to help you with security issues resulting from medical emergencies at end-of-life. This may sound very odd, but have you thought about how emergency personnel are going to get to you in the event of an emergency in the twilight of your days? How are your loved ones going to find the important papers and documents needed, when you find yourself indisposed? We can help you come up with workable options and solutions to these questions.

Repair and service, residential locksmith
Full-service repair


I hope that this discussion has helped you to see a little bit more about what a residential locksmith IS and what a residential locksmith does. As you see, we are so much more than just lock and key people. As you move through your life and have a question about how to keep your family, home, or possessions safe and secure, come talk with your locksmith. We are YOUR security professionals.

We are not quite done yet, we still need to talk about how locksmiths can help your business or organization. Stay tuned for Part 3 for more information.

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What’s a locksmith got to do with it?

One of the things that I have found surprising lately, is the lack of understanding about what a locksmith actually does. For years, I have heard things like, “Can you really keep busy just cutting keys?” or “So what is it that you actually DO?” The life of a locksmith is actually VERY fun and diverse! We may start off the day designing a master key system (which is a very intricate and beautiful process) and end the day tracking network issues through routers and VPN’s. Locksmiths have come a long way from being simply lock and key shops. Most of today’s locksmiths are Security Professionals. We not only cut keys and pick locks, but we address the complete security picture of your home, business, or organization.

Before we get into what a locksmith is, let’s first look at what a locksmith is NOT:

  • Locksmiths are NOT magicians (although we like to pretend that we are sometimes). A lot of what we do looks mysterious. All those picks and pins, and specialty tools look weird, but they all have very specific purposes and many of them are very delicate. We use them for specific things that we have been trained to do in order to fix your security needs.

  • Locksmiths are NOT all knowing. Like many of you, we locksmiths are rushing to keep up with the ever-changing world that we now live in. Twenty years ago, almost everything a locksmith did was mechanical. We had to be really good with our hands. Now, not only do we have to be experts with the mechanical systems that we have always used, but we also have to know network systems, basic programming, computer use, etc.!

locks, locksmithing, locksmith

  • Legitimate Locksmiths are NOT out to scam you, trick you, or rob you of your money. We are here to provide you with EXCELLENT security solutions that will meet your needs and budget. As our world seems to get more and more UNsecure, we are here to help you navigate all of the options, products, and risks that exist.   It is true that there are a lot of illegitimate locksmiths or locksmith scams out there. When you do a google search for locksmiths, the first twenty or so, are likely call centers that have been made to look like they are local shops. They will often send out untrained technicians who will quote you a low price and then greatly increase the cost once the work is done. However, this is NOT what a legitimate locksmith will do.
    • Legitimate locksmiths will quote you a fair price and and stick to it (unless the scope of work changes).
    • Legitimate locksmiths will happily provide you with their license number. We have to work hard to prove that we are committed to the public safety, and are honest and upright people. Our licenses are issued through the state’s Private Security Board, and we are held to the same standards as private investigators and armed security companies. Be wary of any locksmith who does not want to give you their license number.
    • Legitimate Locksmiths will show up in a vehicle that clearly displays their company name and license number.
  • Locksmiths are NOT handymen. While you might hire a handyman to replace a light fixture or a faucet in your house, we all know that if you need serious plumbing or electrical work done, you need to hire a licensed plumber or electrician. In the same way, when you need security work done, you should hire a licensed locksmith. Your security is a serious matter. When a locksmith comes to your home or place of work, we are looking at all of the potential security issues that may be there. We pay attention to door hardware, door condition, camera placement, and security vulnerabilities. We don’t always tell you all the things we see, because we do not want to scare you off or make you think that we are just there to get money from you. However, if you ask us, we will let you know the areas we see where you can make improvements. We are your SECURITY professional, and we are here to help you be more secure in all aspects of your life.
  • While it’s true that locksmiths do know how to bypass most locks, locksmiths are NOT criminals. We have a very unique skill set. In order to know how to best serve you, we need to know a lot about how to manipulate and bypass many different systems. However,  don’t worry, we are the “White Hats” of the physical security world. We figure out how security products actually work and what it takes to make them break. Then we can help you choose the best product to meet your needs.
  • Locksmiths are NOT just for the rich and famous. Did you know that it is usually no more expensive to get keys cut by your locksmith than from a box store? And we keep our machines tightly calibrated, so you can trust the keys that we make. Have you heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for”?  With locks and door hardware, that is often true. Unlike your local box store, as locksmiths, we choose to only carry really good-quality hardware–not the most expensive, but hardware that will give you really good security for your money. So even though it may be a bit more expensive to buy your hardware from us, “you get what you pay for.” Did you know that you don’t necessarily need to get new hardware put on your doors in order to “change” your lock? key, rekey, locksmithWe can come out to your home or business if you need your locks changed, and we can change things on the inside of your existing lock to fit new keys and give you the new keys, all without replacing your door hardware!  We are YOUR Security Professional! We will gladly serve you in resolving all of your security needs.   

These are some things that a locksmith is NOT, but how about what a locksmith actually IS?

Check back here for Part 2 to find out about what a locksmith IS.

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